Dr Marie Bountrogianni, Former Member for Provincial Parliament (MPP)

Dr Marie Bountrogianni

As an academic, I’m no longer involved in partisan politics, but I’m always excited to see young people with a sense of public service get involved in the democratic process. When Eric worked for me, I got to see how passionate he is about using politics and government to help people; we need more people like that at all levels of politics.


Andrea Bracaglia, Health Care Advocate and Professional

Andrea BracagliaI'm proud to support Eric because of his strong sense of community engagement and determination for smart public policy.



Andre Cote, Technologies Consultant

Andre CoteI've known Eric for five years now, and I've got his back because he's a smart and super thoughtful guy, who cares deeply about his family and friends, and is a true believer in public service and the power of government to make life better for people in his community and across our great province.


Omar Khan, Vice President, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Omar KhanI have known Eric for over a decade.  He has always been a dedicated Liberal activist.  His actions have always been driven by a strong desire for public service.  I know Eric will make a great MPP and he has my full support.


Connor Bays, Chief of Staff, Common Wealth

Connor BaysEric has dedicated his career to public service. He's thoughtful, passionate and I know he will be a fantastic representative for University-Rosedale.



Adil Dhalla

Adil DhallaI've never publicly endorsed anyone before but Eric McGoey isn't anyone to me - he is my best friend. I am constantly inspired by his leadership and I am grateful for all the wisdom he has imparted to me over the last 20 years. As an elected official, I have no doubt that Eric will continue to prioritize the things which I have come to know him to prioritize including family, fairness and an inclusive future.


Vass Bednar

Vass BednarEric is a kind and enthusiastic person who makes space for others and draws them in. I've admired how he organizes pick up basketball at the Trinity Bellwoods Community Center and it has always been a thrill to join on the court. He is energetic, an encouraging leader, and genuinely cares for those around him. I could see these skills translating well as Eric moves to serve as a Member of Provincial Parliament. I hope he will still be playing basketball!


Tamar Heisler

Tamar HeislerI'm proud to support Eric because he understands how to make government work for people. As a strong voice for safer streets and better transit infrastructure like the Downtown Relief Line, he's going to fight for a better city for all of us.


Paul Fogolin, Past President - Empire Club of Canada

Paul FogolinMy friend Eric McGoey is running for the Liberal nomination to be the next MPP in the riding of University-Rosedale. Eric is the kind of person we need more of in politics - thoughtful, intelligent, driven and passionate about public service. Eric is focused on issues relevant to our everyday lives, such as safe, affordable public transit and housing. If you live in the riding or have friends/family who do, I encourage you all to check out his campaign and join the movement at http://www.ericmcgoey.ca/.


David Sword, Corporate Affairs

David SwordA plain decent human being, Eric’s rural roots and values have stayed with him as he and his family have made a life for themselves in Toronto. As a young, dynamic candidate; I believe Eric has the energy and experience to become a great MPP for University-Rosedale.


Asher Zafar

Asher ZafarEric is one of the most welcoming, genuine people I know. We met almost ten years ago, and he invited me to the weekly basketball games he runs. Years later, when I was interested in public service, I experienced Eric's incredible willingness to help first hand. Eric would make an incredible MPP, and I support him because of his wisdom, his patience, his humility and his character.


Alex Mazer, Christie Pits resident, co-founder of Common Wealth

Alex MazerI'm proud to support Eric McGoey as the next MPP for University-Rosedale. Having worked with Eric both in government and in our community, I am confident he will bring energy, integrity, and positivity to the job of MPP. Eric is a progressive who knows how to get things done in government. He has a long track record of public service inside and outside of provincial government. He is a father, cyclist, and community leader who understands and cares for our community. University-Rosedale, and Ontario's government, will be stronger with Eric as our MPP.


Jon Feairs

Jon FeairsEric is one of the most progressive, inclusive and hard working people I know. #UniRose and Ontario will be served tremendously well by Eric's persistence and passion for strengthening our communities. I've known Eric for over 10 years and he is, in a word, indefatigable. We need positive, progressive leaders like Eric at Queen's Park.


Jeff Costen

Jeff CostenI support Eric because he has the strongest, most progressive vision for University-Rosedale. Informed by a lifetime of hard work as a volunteer, public servant and parent, nobody is more determined or better prepared to advance the bold, urban agenda we need at Queen’s Park.


Chris Benedetti

Eric has always been a champion for policy and action that will help families in our community. His attention to the details that get things done is what makes him stand apart. I know that he will be a great representative for University-Rosedale.


Dr Reza Moridi, MPP Richmond Hill

Eric was my Campaign Manager in 2011 on my successful re-election campaign, and during the time we worked together on my campaign I got to see the qualities that will make him an excellent candidate and MPP. He’s a hard worker who leads a team by example, respects voters and the democratic process, and is passionately committed to progressive Liberal values. I would be pleased to have Eric join me in the Ontario Liberal Caucus, and he has my full support in his nomination. We need more young leaders like Eric to make our Party even stronger in the years to come